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Have a million things to do and wish you can prioritize better?

Wish you can better navigate ambiguity?

Want to feel more confident as a new manager?

I can help. 

Client Testimonials

Ling was very direct with her advice and willing to dig into difficult situations and coach you on how you can make your team more effective.

After working with Ling, I have more clarity in that I need to show more confidence as a leader.  Also, she had showed me how to involve my team more in the planning process in creating priorities and creating a team vision. I would recommend Ling’s services to other engineering managers.


Engineering Manager

I was impressed by how well prepared she was and just how insightful she were when listening to me. She has the ability to pick up on the key moment that brought breakthrough moments in my self-awareness.

Managers should know that Ling is committed to helping you achieve the best you can and that she is willing to travel with them on the journey. I highly recommend anyone moving through a similar transition work with Ling to accelerate their learning, it can be a game changer.


Senior Manager

3 Different Ways I Can Help You

1. Coaching

Get personalized 1-on-1 coaching with me to unblock you and become a better leader immediately.

2. Watching

Learn by watching my videos on how to give feedback, build trust and become a leader.

3. Reading

Read my blog posts on how to run retrospectives, working agreement and become a leader.