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How to Run a Remote Team Working Agreement

Download my free guide on how to faciliate a team working agreement meeting with your team. Great when forming new teams or when the team isn’t working quite well yet. In the guide, I also provide guidance on tools for remote sessions and how to ensure the meeting goes well.

Thinking you need to have all the answers for your team is the #1 way to disengage a team.

The biggest misconception that is preventing most struggling leaders from building a high-performing and higly engaged team is thinking that they need to have all the answers, be the expert, or be the smartest in their team.

If this sounds like you, this belief is causing you to spend your time and energy being involved in everything, just to make sure you have things under control. And then getting yourself overwhelmed and stressed when your team is not successful.

Some people spend months, even years doing this only to burnout and still dealing with a disengaged team.

How many of you can relate to that? ūüĎč

Last week, I taught a 30-min training where you’ll learn the Top 10 Things to Avoid When Building High-Performing Teams.

And today, you can download the PDF summary of that training!

Client Testimonials

Ling took the time to understand the dynamics of my team before making suggestions on how to align the team better toward a common goal. Ling was very direct with her advice to me which I appreciate. She is willing to dig into difficult situations and give you direct advice on how you can make your team more effective.

After working with Ling, I have more clarity in that I need to show more confidence as a leader.  Also, she had showed me how to involve my team more in the planning process in creating priorities and creating a team vision. I would recommend Ling’s services to other engineering managers.

Kim Moir

Engineering Manager, Mozilla

Since working with Ling, I have been able to become conscious of when I am sliding back into my old way of being too tactically focused.

I was impressed by how well prepared she was and just how insightful she were when listening to me. She has the ability to pick up on the key moment that brought breakthrough moments in my self-awareness.

Managers should know that Ling is committed to helping you achieve the best you can and that she is willing to travel with them on the journey. I highly recommend anyone moving through a similar transition work with Ling to accelerate their learning, it can be a game changer.

Marc LeBlanc

Senior Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada