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A perfect website won’t get you more clients

The biggest misconception that is preventing most struggling entrepreneurs from getting their first paid client is thinking that they need more tactics, more certification, a perfect website, a sales funnel automated before they can get their first paid client.

If this sounds like you, this belief is causing you to spend more time, money and energy spend on strategy and tactics. And then getting yourself overwhelmed with all the things you have to do before you can be ready.

Some people spend months, even years doing this only to realize they still do not have any clients.

How many of you can relate to that? 👋

Last week, I taught a 30-min training where you’ll learn the inner work that is required to get you back into feeling inspired and motivated to take the right actions in your business!

And today, you can download the PDF summary of that training!

Client Testimonials

I was really struggling with feeling overwhelmed, having a lot on my plate with no clear action plan to get everything done. In no way did I expect to receive 100% clarity, yet I did!
During our call, we mapped out what time of the day I’d be most productive to do the tasks on my plan that required the most energy for me.  I also let go of creating a perfect website, instead, I’ll use an agile approach and develop my pages in iterations, so it’s constantly improving.

The session felt like it was perfectly designed for me, I got everything I needed and more. I got a plan but also the excitement and momentum behind the plan to see things through. This call really is designed to “get shit done”.  A session to gain clarity and design a plan to move from where you are now to where you want to be in the next 90 days or beyond.  I loved it and still feel energized from the call. Thank you sooooooo much!



Before I started coaching with Ling, I was feeling overwhelmed with having many goals and no accountability. I run my own business and have no one to answer to but myself, and I found that I just wasn’t getting the things done that I wanted to complete. I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t know how to break my big vision into smaller, actionable steps. I was also feeling like I had lost some of the inspiration that had initially got me to get my business started.

Since starting the coaching sessions with Ling, a few things have shifted for me. I’ve learned that my business can be as fun, light, and inspiring as I want it to be! There’s more than one way to convey the message that this life is worth waking up to and truly living. I’ve been able to apply this shift to the flow and format of my classes and presentations, my daily schedule, and my fears around the use of social media. At the end of our coaching series, I‘m much more empowered at work, in posting on social media and in believing that what I do is really making a difference.


Mindfulness Coach

I was initially skeptical about the results, how this one-time session is going to help me.

While speaking to Ling, I realized quite a few things that I was holding on to, which were making me procrastinate and I was undermining myself in a way. This was the BEST part of our whole session, me being able to see the realities behind what’s holding me back. I was able to pinpoint the stories that I was telling myself with Ling’s help.

For anyone, who is thinking about working with Ling, I would say, go for it! She has been there, she has done it herself and she is sharing her best possible insights and knowledge to help you in your journey. You will not regret choosing to work with her.


Creative Coach

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