Leadership Strategy Session

1 hour working session to assess where you're at and solve your most pressing issues. You will leave with a clear strategy and plan.

Investment is USD$99.

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What is a Leadership Strategy Session?

Working session

We will go over your career goals, your challenges, your team and assess where you’re at in your leadership career.

Assess and Diagnose

Based on our working session, I will assess and diagnose where you’re stuck and why.

Develop a strategy and plan

At the end of the 1-hour call, you will leave with a clear strategy on how to move forward and a development plan to get there.

Who is the Leadership Strategy Session for?

Emerging Leaders

For emerging leaders, you will leave with a plan on topics like:

  • How to position yourself for a leadership role
  • How to ramp up quickly as a new leader without costly trials and errors
  • How to build trust with your team as a new leader
  • How to transition to being a confident leader with ease

Experienced Leaders

For more seasoned leaders, you will leave with a plan on topics like:

  • How to transition to a new job/new role quicker
  • How to increase your team’s performance and impact
  • How to improve your executive presence with senior leadership
  • How to solve tricky interpersonal challenges

Who is Coach Ling?

TLDR: 20 years of experience in the tech industry + actually led teams before + >500 hours of coaching tech executives. If pro athletes work with coaches to get to higher performance, why not you? Why figure this out alone and take double the time? Working with me will cut your time in half and get you to your goals exponentially quicker.

Long version:

I’m an Executive Coach coaching leaders in the tech industry and currently an internal Leadership Coach for a multi-billion dollar tech company.

My career started as a software engineer two decades ago and I’ve held various leadership roles in the tech industry since 2015. My last role before becoming a full-time internal Leadership Coach was Director of Engineering Management, responsible for an engineering organization of more than 60 people. My experience gives me a unique perspective and empathy for the challenges and opportunities that tech leaders face today.

I’ve coached leaders ranging from new managers to executives. I’ve also coached disengaged teams to become more connected and perform at a higher level.

I’m certified as an Integral Master Coach with Integral Coaching Canada, a certified ACE practitioner with David B Peterson (former Director of Coaching at Google), and an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner with iEQ9.

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