Being a manager is HARD. 

You’ve worked hard in your previous role and even though things weren’t always easy, you knew how to get better at it.

You’re recognized for your hard work and expertise. 

And now you’ve finally earn the promotion you’ve always wanted. Except, you don’t feel as happy as you thought you would.

You have one-on-ones with your direct report frequently but inside, you sometimes wonder if senior management has made a mistake in promoting you.

You make sure to put out any fires and check in on the team frequently but you’re feeling overwhelmed and at a loss if you’re doing the right things.

You’ve inherited direct reports who are underperforming. You know you’re letting the rest of the team down by not doing anything but at the same time, you’re afraid your direct feedback will ruin your relationships with them.

You’ve told the team what they need to do but for some reason, they fail to deliver what they promised, again.

You can’t seem to get a handle on this new role. The self-doubt you have about your own abilities and the unmotivated team members are making you wonder if you’re cut out for this role. All you ever wanted is to feel confident, capable and be a manager the team looks up to.

You know that being a great manager can be learned.

You know that with support and guidance, you will improve.

I get it because I’ve been there.

I was on top of the world when I finally got promoted only to feel very challenged and stressed out soon after.

I stayed busy to keep on top of things, to give the impression that I know what I’m doing but inside, I was overwhelmed and lost.

Now that I’ve had years to hone my skills, I learned that you don’t have to learn this the hard way like I did.

I’ve created the 4 Weeks to a Confident Manager program specifically to help other new managers like you. 


Imagine this for yourself.

You look forward to your one-on-ones with your direct report because you’ve built a trusting relationship with them and this way of working is actually pretty fun.

You lean on the team to solve any pressing issues as needed because they love the freedom and creativity you’re giving them and you now have time to work on more strategic planning.

You’re not afraid to deal with underperformers. In fact, there’s been a few who have really turned things around and you couldn’t be more proud.

You facilitate meetings to ensure your team is aligned on the purpose of the next project and then you stay out of their way because you’re able to trust that they will get the job done.

Since working with Ling, I have been able to become conscious of when I am sliding back into my old way of being too tactically focused.

I was impressed by how well prepared she was and just how insightful she were when listening to me. She has the ability to pick up on the key moment that brought breakthrough moments in my self-awareness.

As a new senior manager transitioning from an individual contributor role the cadence of regular meetings with specific exercises between them provided a framework to manage the massive changes I was experiencing.

Managers should know that Ling is committed to helping you achieve the best you can and that she is willing to travel with them on the journey. I highly recommend anyone moving through a similar transition work with Ling to accelerate their learning, it can be a game changer.

- Marc LeBlanc, Senior Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada

This is where my 4 Weeks to a Confident Manager program comes in. You'll learn:

  • How to conduct one-on-ones properly so you're never wondering if you're doing it right
  • How to give direct and clear feedback even if you’re afraid
  • When to delegate so that you know you’re working on the right things
  • How to be productive now that your day-to-day responsibilities have changed 

As a result of this program, you will have a clear plan of action so you can finally stop stressing and feel confident that you're on the right track.

What's included?

  • Pre-work questionnaire to help maximize our time together
  • 4 weekly 60-min 1-on-1 coaching call with me via Zoom to cover each foundational step and anchor your learnings
  • 4 weeks of unlimited email support. This will allow you to test drive what you've learned and seek additional support from me

Your investment: $950 USD

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Step 3. Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on becoming a more confident manager

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Unsure if this program is for you?

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