If you’re afraid to share your work, how will you ever get more clients?

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Walk away knowing EXACTLY what to do when imposter syndrome comes up the next time you show up for your business.

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The biggest misconception that is preventing most struggling entrepreneurs from getting more clients is thinking that they need MORE tactics, MORE certification, a perfect website etc.

What they don’t realize is they’ve let their fears of being a fraud (i.e. imposter syndrome) stop them from being out there, sharing and helping people.

If this sounds like you, this belief is causing you to spend more time, money and energy on strategy and tactics. And then getting yourself OVERWHELMED with all the things you have to do before you can be ready.

Some people spend months, even years doing this only to realize they still do not have any clients.

How many of you have bought multiple domains and created multiple websites but still don’t have anything to show for?

How many times have you got a little traction in your business and something will prove to you that you’re not ready yet, or you’re not enough?


  • specific situations that are triggering your imposter syndrome
  • exercises to recognize and overcome it 
  • your specific Enneagram type and your basic fear and desire
  • how your fears are showing up when you’re stressed
  • how your behaviours change when you’re working towards growth
  • how to walk away knowing exactly what to do with my simple 3-step framework

The time you’ll save by finally tackling your imposter syndrome instead of letting it take over you!

So tell me, are you ready to attract more clients…