I wish I had started blogging in 2009. Why 2009? That’s the year I first thought of trying out blogging. If I had, I wonder how my life will be different. Would my online business be further ahead because I’ve been consistently sharing my content? Would I have developed relationships with people who share the same interests as me?

So why blog? There are so many blogs being created every day.  Many of these blogs are very successful. And many more of these blogs you and I will never stumble upon or read. So why bother? Why blog anyway since the probability of your blog being read by the thousands, being shared on Facebook and becoming a viral post is slim to none?


Blogging helps you build credibility

Using knitting as an example, two people may both know a lot about knitting. Person A starts a blog and blogs about her projects on her website and Person B keeps all the knowledge about knitting to herself. If you search on Google about knitting, whose name will most likely show up? Person A.
If Person B tells you she can teach you how to knit for a fee, would you use her service? No. Because you have never seen her work, you don’t know her so you don’t trust that she is an expert.
Instead, if Person A has a knitting pattern for sale or a course on how to knit, there’s a much higher probability you would buy because you have been reading her post and have been following her. You trust her because she’s been building that relationship with you through her blog.


Blogging helps promote your business

If you have a business, blogging can help you get exposure. Blogging can get your product in magazines. It can also help you get published or land writing gigs. Having an online presence on your topic makes people feel that you are an expert in that topic.


Blogging gives you a sense of connection and belonging

Initially, when you start to blog, it may feel like you’re all alone, blogging to no one. Slowly but surely, as you gain readers, they will learn more about you through your story. When you interact with them through comments or social media, you are forming a connection with them. Blogging is one of the best ways to surround yourself with people who believe your cause and we all want to belong to something we believe in.

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Blogging can make you happier

Surprisingly, blogging can increase your sense of happiness. Imagine for a second, you write a post on your blog about a problem you’ve solved and in turn that post helps your readers to solve the same problem. When you get to help someone, it increases your happiness.


Blogging increases your influence

When you recommend a time-saving app to a fellow mom in person, you’re helping one person. However, if you write a blog post about this time-saving app and how to use it etc, it allows you to help even more people. We are no longer sharing our lives and thoughts with people close to us or local to us. Anyone who are searching for the topic we have written about will stumble upon our website.


Blogging increases your sense of fulfillment

Blogging allows you to express yourself in a creative way. Being able to put into words describing what you have learned and how you feel and in turn using that to help other people gain more insight or inspire other people is very rewarding. When you are able to create something that changes people, it gives you meaning to your work.


Blogging gives you clarity to your work

If you are just starting out, you may be undecided as to what topic to stick to. It is easy to over analyze and the more you read about blogging, the more confuse sometimes you can get. Actually putting words to posts allows you to test drive your ideas. You can easily get feedback without a huge upfront time or money.


So, should you start blogging?

I say yes! There’s just so many benefits to blogging that even if you don’t blog, you should share your work consistently on social media platforms.

If you have decided to blog, you may still think “why would anyone read my blog?”, “I don’t have a unique idea.”, “There’s so many <food, baking, self-help> blogs out there. Why bother?

I’ve thought the same thing as well and it had prevented me from blogging for a long time. Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have started earlier.

Even though there are plenty of blogs out there on the same topic as you, only you can teach/deliver it the way you can. Only you can inject your unique personality, your special quirkiness to your blog. There are many people who dig what you offer because of who you are, so be yourself. You never know who may be reading your post right now and are being inspired by you. So don’t think you have nothing to offer. Think of it this way, if you don’t start, you are depriving others of your unique talents.

If Elizabeth Gilbert had stopped writing after Eat Pray Love because there are already many books out there on creativity, we wouldn’t have Big Magic.
If Leo Babauta had believed his voice is just another voice out there, we would not have ZenHabits.
If Scott Dinsmore had believed that he’ll never be as successful as other bloggers, he wouldn’t have inspired and led thousands of people live their passion and still doing so even after his passing. Now his words will continue to inspire others.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. – Chinese Proverb

Over to you

Tell me, what scares you the most about blogging? Share with us the one thing that has been holding you back.

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