Want to Stop People-Pleasing, Be More Strategic and Navigate Ambiguity?

What Is Leadership Coaching?

A partnership with you

Coaching is partnering with you in a creative process to help you maximize your personal and professional potential.

What is the process like?

Every coaching partnership is personalized based on the client’s needs. At a high-level, we first determine where you’re at, and the goals you’ll like to achieve. I’ll work with you to determine the type of practices/actions you’ll need to achieve your desired outcome.

What are some areas I help my clients with?

They include areas like:-

  • stop people-pleasing (be okay saying ‘No’ without the guilt!)
  • navigate tough conversations
  • influence others
  • deal with imposter syndrome and self-doubt
  • navigate ambiguity

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

If you’re not getting the results you want, working with a coach is the fastest way to get you results.

I want to work with a coach but I don't have the time!

Many of my clients tell me that they look forward to the call with me because it is the only time they stop to think and breathe. The only time they give to themselves.

If you feel that you don’t have 1 hour every 2 weeks for yourself to focus on achieving what you really want then one of the first things we would be working on is to help you prioritize the things in your work so that you can say yes to the important stuff and no to the rest.

How do I know if you can help me?

I’ve designed the clarity call just for that. It is a no obligation, risk-free call for you to see how I work and also for us to discuss your goals and how I can support you to achieve your goals as your coach.

What if I struggle with the steps I need to take to achieve my goals?

As you get started with goals that are important to you, it is not uncommon to start feeling the pressure, procrastination and other unconscious self-sabotages. This is where I come in. As a coach, I’ll be able to help you see the blind spots that are stopping you and finally work through them so that you can finally achieve what you want.

Who is Ling Abson?

TLDR: 20 years of experience in the tech industry + actually led teams before + >500 hours of coaching tech executives. If pro athletes work with coaches to get to higher performance, why not you? Why figure this out alone and take double the time? Working with me will cut your time in half and get you to your goals exponentially quicker.

Long version:

I’m an Executive Coach coaching leaders in the tech industry and currently an internal Leadership Coach for a multi-billion dollar tech company.

My career started as a software engineer two decades ago and I’ve held various leadership roles in the tech industry since 2015. My last role before becoming a full-time internal Leadership Coach was Director of Engineering Management, responsible for an engineering organization of more than 60 people. My experience gives me a unique perspective and empathy for the challenges and opportunities that tech leaders face today.

I’ve coached leaders ranging from new managers to executives. I’ve also coached disengaged teams to become more connected and perform at a higher level.

I’m certified as an Integral Master Coach with Integral Coaching Canada, a certified ACE practitioner with David B Peterson (former Director of Coaching at Google), and an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner with iEQ9.

Still Have Questions?