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Work with me

Get Shit Done!

2 weeks. 2 calls.

We focus on helping you Get Shit Done.

Great for online entrepreneurs who know what to do but need extra support to focus and execute.


Consistency Bootcamp

12 weeks one-on-one coaching.

Great for online entrepreneurs who want to work on being CONSISTENT in the next 3 months of their business.


Consistency Bootcamp (Group)

8 weeks group coaching.

Great for those who love to learn and implement together with other online entrepreneurs. An excellent way to connect with others and create deeper connections with like-minded entrepreneurs!

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Unsure which package is the best for you?

The best way to find out is to book a complimentary call with me and let’s find out how best to work together. No obligation

Ling Abson

Here’s what my clients have said…

I was blown away by the session with Ling. She was able to unravel what I felt like was a dump of information and came out on the other side with clarity. I felt like the hour that we spent was the most productive thing I had done all week!


The session felt like it was perfectly designed for me, I got everything I needed and more. I got a plan but also the excitement and momentum behind the plan to see things through. This call really is designed to “get shit done”.  I loved it and still feel energized from the call. Thank you sooooooo much!


Ling Abson is an absolute game changer!!!!!!!!!!  Her technique is gentle, sincere and effective.  I had a huge AHA within thirty minutes of speaking to her.  Instantly I was able to move out of a place of resistance and into a place of action.  My life will never be the same!  I recommend Ling to every woman who knows they are on this earth for a bigger purpose and ready to make it happen.