Hi, I’m Ling Abson. There is one thing I know for sure…

one of the main reasons preventing you from building a high-performing team you want is YOU!

How many times have you tried to lead the team to do the right things only to be disappointed when you’re not seeing the results you’re expecting?

I know how you feel! I’ve spent years honing my technical skills and felt so overwhelmed when I was promoted to a manager, with very little training.

If you’re like most managers and leaders, you’ve spend most of your career deepening your technical craft only to find out that when you move into a management role, the skills that used to make you great at your job, aren’t as useful anymore.

You may have realized that being a great individual contributor doesn’t always translate well into being an effective manager for your team.




When I was promoted to a manager, I was given 24 people to manage, with no budget for training. Sounds familiar?

I spend the first 6 months making every mistake imaginable, while also not realizing I was experiencing major imposter syndrome and not helping my team.

Through trial and error, and lots of learning from other coaches and mentors, I’ve figured out how to build high-performing teams and how to create success for myself as a leader, with more ease and joy.

Over the years, I’ve coached clients ranging from new managers to heads of engineering. Regardless of where they’re at, they all want the same thing! That is to figure out how to get to the next level and have someone to help them overcome the fears and self-sabotaging tendencies that when unresolved, comes up over, and over again.

There is no reason why you have to struggle alone or work hard for a long time and not see results.

Let’s work together to make your goals a reality for you.