I believe in the power of speaking positive and empowering words to ourselves. It is like giving ourselves a mental workout.

Our minds tend to tell us stories that are not empowering. They are often full of negativity and self-doubt. Most of the time, these stories are not true!

I love affirmations and good quotes, so I had the idea of creating statements with beliefs I want to instill in myself. Affirmations that make me feel good as a wife, as a mother and as someone who aspires to achieve my dreams.

I try to use only positive words. For instance, instead of using the phrase “debt-free”, I would say “I have more than enough money”. Instead of using “I have no guilt for my kids”, I would say “I live in the moment with my kids”. This is to help me concentrate on words like “live in the moment” instead of the word, “guilt” (which I hate to admit, moms feel enough of that already).

This is a work in progress. I will add to this page as I complete them. You can also sign up below to be notified when they are up. Totally spam free, I promise!

Positive Affirmations for Moms or Mothers by Ling Abson