Declutter Your Mind For Success

You seem to have it all – a house, a family but you want more. You want to have more success in your life. Perhaps you want to make more money in your business, or maybe you want to progress further in your career.

You know what you should do to create the success you want, but you’ve been putting things off. The cycle of feeling stuck and not being able to take productive steps is making you feel depressed about your situation.

The stress of not having enough time to work on what you want and the frustration you feel due to lack of progress is causing you to bring the irritation home. Even though you don’t mean to, you are annoyed by the things your family do.

What if you can get unstuck and finally feel motivated to go after the success you want?

Imagine feeling fulfilled and a sense of achievement about your life. You’re excited to create again. Most importantly, you feel a sense of purpose that you are using your skills and passions that will create an impact on the world.

You’re losing track of time working on things that energize you. For the first time in a long time, you’re feeling happy that you’re headed in the right direction. And when you’re home, you’re a more patient and present parent.

Ling Abson


I coach people who want to achieve more in their lives but feel stuck to take steps toward what they want.

Together, we’ll help you get clear on your next steps and overcome your fear of failing so that you leave the session with clarity and confidence on what to do next.

As a result of this coaching program, you will:

  • Go from “feeling stuck” to “feeling inspired” again
  • Have the confidence that you are headed in the right direction
  • Have clear, actionable steps to get you back on track
  • Learn the must-know trick to help you stay motivated and productive

Declutter Your Mind For Success includes:

Coaching Session

We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call to dive deep into what is holding you back. You’ll learn techniques that will help you stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed. You’ll leave the session with clear, actionable steps to move forward.

Follow Up Coaching Session

Two weeks after our first coaching call, we’ll spend 30 minutes together on a video call to review your progress, discuss any challenges you had and adjust your plan if necessary.

After this coaching program, you’ll have greater clarity and confidence to create the success you want.

Your Investment is $99 USD


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Step 3: We’ll get together for our call and get you started on decluttering your mind so you can create the success you want.

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Before I talked to Ling, I was struggling with how to take all of my ideas and refine them to get an offering to my ideal client. I felt that I needed to have an outside view of where I’m overthinking and under performing.

I was blown away by the session with Ling. She was able to unravel what I felt like was a dump of information and came out on the other side with clarity on my direction as well as very specific action steps that I need to take in the short term to move in the direction of success.

I felt like the hour that we spent was the most productive thing I had done all week.  I left the call motivated and energized to get to work and deliver on my action steps. – Alexis Shaffer,

If you don’t change anything or do anything different for the next 5 years, where would you be? Would you like what you see 5 years from now?