Volunteer Clients

Hi, I’m Ling Abson.

I’m an Engineering Manager and a Certified Integral Coach.

I’ve managed software engineers ranging from interns right out of school to ex-Google engineers.

I’ve coached teams of 8 and teams of 16. I’ve broken up teams and formed new teams. I’ve coached dysfunctional teams with very low trust to teams that are high-performing. I’ve also hired amazing software engineers and let some others go.

When I first moved into the management role, I was given 20 direct reports to start, including team members who used to be my peers in the same team. It was quite the bumpy ride!

As there weren’t any training on how to be a manager, I’ve made many mistakes. I realized that most of the skills that made me successful as a software engineer were not helping me to become a successful manager. I had to learn how to be effective in my new role from scratch.

My path to becoming a successful engineering manager was a long and bumpy one and I know I can help managers like you ramp up on the skills you need to become effective quickly!

Top athletes work with coaches to perform at an even higher level. So why not you?

To uplevel my coaching skills, I’m currently pursuing the next level of certification with Integral Coaching Canada.

As part of this certification program, I’m looking for 2 volunteer clients.

What I’m offering:-

  • Custom designed coaching program to support you the next 4-5 months.
  • An approach to change that will meet you where you are and help you achieve new results.
  • Pro bono coaching services.

You might be a fit if:-

  • You are ready to start the week of May 13 or the week of June 17.
  • You have a topic that deeply matters to you that you want to breakthrough.
  • You are willing to commit to a 4 to 5-month coaching program designed to help you make progress.
  • Meet with me online for 1-1.5 hr every 2-3 weeks.
  • Actively engage in exercises that are custom designed for you.
  • Be willing to do things that might be outside of your comfort zone.

Here are more details on what it means to be a volunteer client.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact me so I can schedule an initial call with you to discuss your topic and to see if we’re a good fit.


If you’re not ready for a 4-5 month coaching commitment at this time but wants support in your role as a manager, you can also work with me through one-off sessions.

Topics I’ve worked with clients include:-

  • How to speak more confidently in a room of people in senior leadership.
  • How to improve communication with people.
  • How to better engage your team.
  • How to start as a new manager.
  • How to deliver effective feedback.
  • How to conduct effective one-on-ones.

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